Welcome to Iowa.Landmark's Blog

Greetings from central Iowa!

My geocaching names are Summitt Dweller and Iowa.Landmark. I have two accounts/names because I’m both a “player” and a “community volunteer reviewer”.

Summitt Dweller is a charter member at Geocaching.com and a co-founder, past president, and long-time webmaster of the venerable Iowa Geocachers’ Organization. As Summitt Dweller, I joined the geocaching community on 18-Feb-2002, and logged my first find on a date that’s easy to remember, because it’s a palindrome (if written just right)… 20-02-2002. That’s February 20, 2002, almost 16 years ago!

Iowa.Landmark is my reviewer account. Yes, I’m the guy who reviews most of the geocaches submitted for review in Iowa, and I’ve been a reviewer since October 2014.

I’m preparing this blog space with the hope of adding some reviewer’s perspectives here over time, so future posts here will be almost exclusively from Iowa.Landmark, not Summitt Dweller. After all, SD will be out geocaching with no time to write, at least when he’s not at work.

If you came here hoping to find the Iowa Geocachers’ Organization web site, and wonder what’s up, then my next post will probably be of interest, and you won’t have to wait long for it either.

Until next time… take care.