Welcome to Iowa.Landmark's blog.  In case you're wondering, Iowa.Landmark's alter-ego, Summitt Dweller, is also responsible for building and maintaining this website.  Watch this space for new, and some old, blog posts regarding the IGO, this website, and maybe some reviewer notes too.

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Changing Our Theme

I'm pretty happy with the new IGO website thus far, and it behaves largely as expected on mobile devices...that was a key goal of mine.  I generally dislike a lack of whitespace in a web page, but the only thing that I don't like about the new theme is the page width and TOO MUCH whitespace in the margins.  This evening I tried to reset the site to provide a "fluid" width page so that it does a better job of filling up the device or window it appears in.  Unfortunately, there's an erroneous setting, most likely a bug in the code, that's keeping me from doing so. 

Emailing All Active IGO Members

Hello IGO.

58 Unique Members Have Visited

The latest count is 58 past members who have visited the new site, reset their password, and logged in at least once.  The website has 256 "active" members, so only about 20%.  Maybe time to send out an email and alert the others?

45 Members Have Visited So Far

Good evening.  I'm just writing to let everyone know that we've had 45 IGO members visit, reset their password, and login to the new site thus far.  Not bad. 

Tonight I've been asked to do some testing so you might find the site offline or unreachable for a time.  I'll try to do most of my testing on a local, development copy of the site that I run on my laptop, but some of the work might involve this "production" site too. 

NOW Ready for Prime Time!

Good morning.

Update: Simple email should now be working, so you should be able to visit and do a password reset. Mass mailings still do not work (see commentary below); otherwise you would have received an email already. 8^)

I see that some of my old friends in the IGO have already been visiting this site.  Yay!  Unfortunately, the perils of modern email have not all been circumvented yet, so I'm sorry to say you can't interact with the site yet.  Most importantly, you won't be able to reset your password because email isn't working.  8^(  Sorry. 

Welcome Back!

Greetings IGO, and welcome to the new website.

There’s not much to see here yet, but my intent is to add some old, and maybe new, features to the site in the coming weeks and months.  I’d like your help to expand the list (below) and determine what to tackle as priorities. 

What Happened to the Old IGO Site?

In case you missed IGO news from November 21...