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The icons in the map below represent Iowa caches (excluding events) in the grid square(s) you specified.

The map and table (below the map) will show up to 100 caches at a time. Use the "pager" (if available below the map) to page through the cache list.

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Type Description Created Link

TAP: Take a Break by BearsFan11, Letterbox Hybrid (1.5/1.5)

2013-09-07 Click to View Listing

TAP: Tower of Defense by BearsFan11, Traditional Cache (1.5/1)

2013-09-07 Click to View Listing

Fire your Gun, Bobby! by BearsFan11, Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5)

2012-11-21 Click to View Listing

Hampton Hideaway by BearsFan11, Traditional Cache (1.5/2)

2012-05-01 Click to View Listing

Center of (our) Universe by Polk Street Bandits, Unknown Cache (3.5/1.5)

2009-04-09 Click to View Listing

Corporate Woods TB Hotel by Polk Street Bandits, Traditional Cache (2/1.5)

2009-03-26 Click to View Listing

Plane Site by FAR_OUT & McDragons, Traditional Cache (2/2)

2008-05-09 Click to View Listing

Poe's I-35 Cache by poe, Multi-cache (5/2.5)

2005-10-28 Click to View Listing