IGO GC (Geocaching.com) member statistics reflect number of caches found and placed by members who live or work within or in close proximity to Iowa. The default sort is based on total Geocaching.com caches found and automatic notification of milestones reached is based on number of GC caches found. The table is sortable...just click on the table heading of your choice to change the order.

"Other" statistics columns are for display of non-GC statistics only and you can describe what it is you are tracking in the "Description" column. You can track anything you like in the "Other" columns but please enter only number of caches found/placed in the GC columns.

Note that IGO will NOT actively verify these numbers...but individual members may check them and any substantiated reports of abuse may result in revocation of IGO membership.

To update your own statistics be sure to visit "My Account", click on "Edit" then "Profile" and scroll down.

If you do not want your stats to appear here simply do NOT update this information or set all values to zero.

Name GC Found GC Placed Others Found Others Placed Description (Others) Stats Updatedsort icon
cneumann98 1802 33 benchmarks 2015-04-28
TeamKLH 14 2015-04-28
M4ISU 4904 124 3 GO CYCLONES ! 2015-05-01
Sidetrax2 1612 13 2015-05-02
sandwcarnahan 2034 9 2015-05-03
bluebluecoyote 1200 49 2015-05-04
RonTon 10200 50 2015-05-07
iowaPete 6020 100 2015-05-08
gmsnrich 2816 162 2015-05-08
gmsnrich-Gregg 2816 162 2015-05-08
s47fish 2279 12 2015-05-11
DTCBears 6827 225 18 oldtimer1 adoptions 2015-05-12
Mariongrl21 532 4 2015-05-13
CAP Big John 1738 2015-05-16
scorpiored48 1428 2 2015-05-17