Find Iowa Caches

Use this form/map to "find" all Iowa caches based on your own search criteria. You will be searching the "Description" text of each cache. This text usually includes the cache name (not the ID code), type, owner's name and rating.

Enter your search criteria in the field provided below and click Apply to see the results. Your search will NOT be case-sensitive.

Please be patient! There are a LOT of caches to search through and your search could take a minute or more. It's possible that the server will time-out and not show your results if load is high or your search too broad.

The map will show up to 1000 caches at a time. Use the "pager" (if available below the map) to page through the entire set of returned caches.

Happy Hunting!

Note: If you can read this note but don't see any map image below, please click in your browser address bar and position your cursor at the end of the address, then hit RETURN. Sometimes the map server (outside of IGO) doesn't respond quickly enough to display the data the first time around.

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