When board members paths meet

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When board members paths meet.
I showed up to Team Schnauzer's Meet and Greet event and as luck would have it I sat down last.
Brenda introduced me to a New cacher sitting at our table,ulf78 (Ult Herbers) .

He works for a company who has a headquarter in Ames. He visits Iowa quite often and loves to be here.
This was One of several Events he has attended in Iowa over the years. After introducing him to the crowd many of which came over to chat with him.
And Jstrout,corefam and Repmul took him out for a quick cache run getting all the event caches and along with a specal cache he quailfied for dawnAndGarys "Mile stone Maniac 6,000 challange".
We welcomed him with true midwest hospitality.

His caching name is ulf78 and has been caching since 2008. He has more than 7000 caches under his belt, but has a huge backlog because it is more fun to go caching than to write logs. :-)
His favorite type caches are Nightcaches and Lost-Place Caches. He likes to hike,climb, repel, canoe, ...everything that is strenuous - but does not refuse park & grabs or power trails.

He is a board member in his local Geocaching forum www.GCHN.de - an association for all cachers in his state Schleswig-Holstein.  The group is located between the city of Hamburg and Denmark.
They help each other with (technical) questions and organize Events together.

The company he works for has its headquarters in Ames, Iowa so he visits Iowa quite often and always has fun being here. He spends most of his weekends driving around to see different areas
Iowa, neighboring states, state parks and also log more counties.

Whenever possible he likes to attend Events to meet other cachers and exchange some good stories and get recommendations for interesting caches. He says it is great when he can join a Cacherun after events.

He like to help Coins and Travelbugs with there mission or just to collect miles. He takes them home and is used to explaining to TSA officers:-)

 Nice to Meet you Ult.