Welcome to the new internet home (and FORUMS) of the IGO!

I know, this doesn't look any different than the old IGO...but it's all new under-the-hood.  You are now on a new, upgraded, faster and more robust server!  Can you tell?

It may be some time before EVERYTHING begins working again as it used to (or better).  If you notice anything wrong, please be patient and send me the details in an e-mail addressed to mark@summittservices.com (also a new e-mail address).


A note about the NEW and OLD Forums:  I have created all the old forums and containers in the new forums area, with the exception of old forums that had not been posted to in over a year.  If you visit the new forums and find that you need to bring one of the old forum containers forward, just let me know.  Please be patient...when I have time I'll be happy to add your requested forum back into the system.

Please be advised that on or about January 31, 2013, the old forums will cease to accept new content (just as they no longer accept new users).  The old contet will remain visible and readable for the forseeable future so don't panic...nothing will be lost.  However, you will need to carry on old conversations and begin all new threads in the NEW forums only. 

When you visit the NEW forums look specifically for the post at http://www.iowageocachers.org/content/welcome as it explains a simple procedure for linking new forum topics to old ones.