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Hi All!!

The Weasel here. A little bit about me that you might like to know...

My real name is Tim Stewart and I live in Marion, Iowa.

I started geocaching back in July of 2002. During that time I worked with several local geocachers such as Summitt Dweller, Windchill, Welch, and Blueduece to name a few to create the EIGA (Eastern Iowa Geocachers Association), which eventually came into the IGO as you know it today.

I graduated from Kirkwood college in 1996 with a degree in Parks and Natural Resources. During this time, I completed 2 internships with Linn County Conservation, working with all the different divisions.

I am the curently on the IGO Board of Directors and I currently serve as the IGO President. I would like to support the geocachers of Iowa again by serving on this board and help make the IGO the best possible organization it can be!!

Here are some of the highlights of my geocaching career...

1) Geocaching since 2002.

2) Hosted Linn County's very first CITO event in 2003.

3) Was a founding member of the EIGA (Eastern Iowa Geocachers Association).

4) Served on the IGO Board of Directors 2014-2016 with serving as the IGO President 2015-2016.

5) Was privlidged to receive Groundspeaks Geocacher Of The Month in Jan of 2013.

6) Won 3 IGO People's Choice Awards for my "Welcome To Historic Brucemore" cache for 2013.

7) Worked with and assisted Linn County Conservation with placing their Linn Parks Challenge series.

8) I have conducted and assisted in several 101 and 201 events to help educate new geocachers with getting them started, as well as assisting the Girl Scouts with a geocaching event.

9) I help manage and update the COTM (Cache Of The Month) for the IGO, as well as distribute the COTM pathtag and banner to the winners.

Thanks for taking a look at my profile, and if you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me via my inbox on the IGO website, or contact me via my e-mail at

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