Things I've Recently Learned

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My mind, and at times my heart, have been racing quite a bit for the past week.  I think I have learned remembered a few things and wanted to pass them along to my dear friends.  Some of these should have special meaning to my geocaching friends, but I believe all are relevant to a much broader audience.  These are not profound revelations or wisdoms...just some thoughts that we all know to be true.  These are simply...reminders.

  • Focus - When you're driving, keep your eyes on the road.  When you're on-foot, keep your eyes on the road and on your path too.  When you are doing neither, remember who is important in your life.  Don't take them for granted; give them all the love and attention they deserve, right now, and forever.

  • Slow Down - Slow down in everything that truly matters.  Life is an endurance race.  Sprint, and you're likely to miss something beautiful.   
  • It's All About the Numbers - This is a favorite mantra of geocachers, but in so many endeavors we tend to measure success numerically.  How many geocaches did I hide or find?  How many runners did I beat?  How much wealth have I accumulated?  How many votes can I garner?  But such numbers are meaningless.  We should be counting the number of lives we touch and enrich, the number of friendships we forge, and ultimately the amount of love we share. 
  • Be Tolerant and Good to Each Other - In delivering Ian's eulogy, Coach Kuhter hit the nail on the head.  My son was carefree, energetic and creative.  As such, he could occasionally be a royal pain in the ass.  I regret all the times when I became frustrated or angry with Ian.  I cherish all the times when he made me laugh or smile. I'm sure the later outnumber the former, but I am also reminded that I can chose to be tolerant and push those negative feelings aside.

I will try to be more tolerant in the future, because regrets can be so, so very painful.  I vow to slow down (a little) and focus on what's truly important in my life.  And I will count, and seek to multiply, only those things that really matter. 

Take care.