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My name is Josh Spaete and I've been geocaching since August 1, 2010. I hail from Nevada, the 26th Best Small Town in America and the geographic center of our fine state. I am a 2001 University of Northern Iowa graduate (B.A. in Geography, B.S. in Earth Science, Atmospheric Sciences empahsis). Go Panthers! Other than geocaching (of course) I like to spend time reading, listening to 90s Alternative music, traveling, exploring cemeteries and collecting hockey pucks. 

I am running for IGO Board this year and feel like I have a lot that I can add to the Iowa Geocachers Organization. My main purpose for running is to give back to the IGO, a group that has shaped both my caching and my personal life over the past seven years. I feel like now is the right time to donate my time, ideas and knowledge of the game back to the organziation that has taught me so much.

My main goals during my time on the board will be threefold. First, I would like to help give back by increasing the IGO's social media presence. Those who know me know that I spend a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat - all of which can be good vehicles for the growth of the Iowa Geocachers Organizaton across our state. A second way I would like to give back my time is to help future groups with event planning and organziation, such as Hike-n-Seek. As the coordinator for this year's event in Ames, I have learned many useful things about putting on a successful event and that is information I would like to be able to share with everyone in order to ensure many more years of successful HnS events and the like. Finally, I want to be a representative for the geocachers in my part of the state. There are some really great cachers out here in Central/Western Iowa that have played important roles with the IGO in the past. I wish to continue to represent the geocachers of our region by being a board member.

I would love the opportunity to serve as an IGO Board memeber and would tackle my responsibilities with dedication and passion. I love this game, this organzation and everyone the IGO serves. I am not a person that takes my assignments lightly. When I do things I put in 200% effort and I wish to be able to give that much and more back to the IGO by serving as a member of the Board of Directors.

Josh Spaete
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