Stuck in The House. So, Playing Board Games. Do You Ever Change the Rules?

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With this heavy blast of arctic air in the area, the kids have had a number of school days cancelled.  In order to combat cabin fever, we play cards and a variety of board games.  I got chatting with a buddy about the game of Monopoly.  I mentioned that we have a few "House Rules" when we play.

For example - To start the game, the Bank tosses a $50 bill in the center of the board.  If a player lands on free parking, they get the $$$.  To enhance this, all payments made from Chance or Community Chest cards are also placed in the center.  Luxury Tax, and Income Tax get tossed in here, too.  Free Parking can become a space worth $500-600 for a lucky player who lands on it.

Also, when all the deeds are finally purchased, we stop the game and enter into an intense few minutes of negotiation.  We each trade deeds to create monopolies and put us into good position to start building on the properties.  Some wild deals get made in the process, and "thinking outside the box" deals are more the norm than the exception.

Anybody else have a variation on the standard rules?  Doesn't have to be Monopoly.  Could be ANY game where you've come up with a new rule that makes the game more interesting....