THE SEARCH Volume 1 Issue 5 August 2011

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August 2011   Volume 1, Issue 5
 Official Newsletter of the IGO


From The President's Desk

Hello, IGO! My summer is flying by, how about yours? I hope you’re all out there racking up some pretty awesome memories while geocaching. My actual caching has been very slow this summer, but my geocaching-related activity has been at an all-time high – and I’m having a blast!

The next big thing around here is IGO’s annual Hike-n-Seek event. This year we’re headed to Iowa’s northeast for the weekend of September 23 - 25. Clayton county, Elkader to be precise, will be the spot for so many fun activities and new caches you won’t want to miss out. Some of the details aren’t quite ready yet, but we’re working on activities from Friday evening through Sunday, to include not only geocaching, but a caching competition, social gatherings, a late-night treat, a pot-luck, camping, the culmination and the beginning of some IGO-sponsored contests, an opportunity to attend an IGO Board meeting in-person, and more! There are a ton of plans coming together right now, so keep a close eye on our homepage and forums, on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and on the H-n-S cache page. You will not want to miss Iowa’s biggest annual event!

Elsewhere in this issue you can read about some new contests your Board of Directors is sponsoring, and wants you to enter. Design our next Pathtag, showcase your caches’ best logs, set your trackable off to log the most miles – all ways to have fun with IGO! One of the big benefits of our Supporting Member program is that we are able to hold contests like these, and put up some prizes for them. If you haven’t made the leap (or *gasp* haven’t even heard about our Supporting Membership), take a look in the IGO store to find out how you can become a Supporting Member and help IGO become even better!

One last thought: IGO is YOUR organization, and as such, we Board members want you to share your ideas with us. If you see something that’s not working, or have an idea for a better way to do something that we’re already doing, or an awesome idea that we haven’t even thought of, tell us! Send us an email, pick up the phone and call us (we’re in the PAF list). We’re here to listen, and appreciate your input. After all, you’re the ones who voted to have us here!

It’s the community of geocachers that makes IGO so much fun. Thanks to all of you for being part of it!



Letter From Your Editor

 Contests, Contests, Contests!!

There are so many ways to have fun being an Iowan Geocacher.  One of those ways is to enter some contests.  This month IGO is bursting with opportunities to win cool prizes and have a lot of fun doing it.  You will see contests posted all over in this newsletter, on the website, on Facebook and in the Forums.

I would like to send a BIG thank you out to iconions for his submission of his "Cacher Profile".  Be sure to scroll down and learn more about him and how he got started caching.  I really like these cacher profile muggle question answers.  They are fun to read!  Keep those Cacher Profiles coming in and remember that it is just one more way to enter into a contest.  When you make a submission to The Search, you get your name in the hat for a drawing for a prize for the IGO Prize Vault!

We also have a very cool submission from i12canoe telling us and our Geo-kids about an adventure at the E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center in Dubuque, IA.  Thank you i12canoe for letting parents like me know where there are more children geared geocaching adventures at here in Iowa!

Don't forget to mark August 20th on your calender for the IGO Meet n' Greet.  That sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun and you sure don't want to miss out on that!

Please read the "Iowa Parks Need Our Help" article.  Stop by and take a good look around the whole website after you have put in some votes for Lake MacBride State Park.  It really has a lot of information on ways to help support the well being and balance of our planet.  Remember to get out there and do your part.  Even if it is just a little bit today, every little bit matters.

I hope you all are having a fun and safe summer out there geocaching in Iowa! I hope you enjoy the newsletter and I also hope that I didn't leave anything out.  Our BOD's have been busy little Geo-bee's, hard at work coming up with all of these contests and fun things for IGO Members to do!  Thank you to all of our BOD Committe Members!

Until next month, keep on caching!

~ Team Kempker



In This Issue:

  • From The President's Desk
  • Letter From Your Editor
  • Iowa Parks Need Our Help
  • IGO's Meet n' Greet
  • IGO Committe Members Wanted
  • COTM
  • Cacher Profile...
  • In The Know....
  • IGO's Prize Vault Winner
  • Design The IGO Pathtag Contest
  • IGO 2011-2012 Trackables Race
  • Awesome Logs Contest
  • What's New In The IGO Store
  • Iowa Geo-Kids
  • 2010-2011 Travelbug Race Results
  • Recent Milestones
  • Upcoming Events


 Ways To Participate in IGO:



Iowa Parks Need Our Help

Here's a great opportunity for IGO to help out the parks in our great state - and all we have to do is vote, early and often! Wouldn't it be cool if it were geocachers who made the difference?

Iowa DNR wrote:

Lake Macbride State Park in Solon, Iowa has been named one of the nationwide contenders eligible to receive $100,000 for enhancements through the America is Your Park Program (AIYP). This program encourages people to visit their favorite local, state or national park this summer and vote for their park using various interactive tools for their park to win a grant to help restore or rebuild places for people of all ages to play and the title of “America’s Favorite Park.”

We need your help to alert your friends, neighbors and colleagues!

We know this voting thing has been done before and may seem daunting, but with very minimal promotions, Lake Macbride is currently in 9th place with over 14,000 votes. Iowans love their parks and let's put some action behind those words. A vote for Lake Macbride is a vote for all Iowa Parks!

1. First, we’re hoping you can rally support for Lake Macbride State Park by logging on to, type in Lake Macbride in the Search for your park box and then cast your votes beginning today. You can vote as many times as possible until September 6th. You do not need to register your email address in order to vote. You can also share your votes via Facebook and Twitter to encourage your friends & colleagues to vote. 1 vote=1 point in the national competition.

2. Second, visit Lake McBride State Park yourself and encourage your friends and family to visit as well. If you “check in” on Facebook from the park and upload a photo or video of your outdoor experience you can earn up to 5 points for Lake Macbride in the national competition.

3. Third, plan to join us for a very special fitness event and check presentation at the park Wednesday, August 3rd featuring Governor Terry Branstad and a host of other dignitaries. The activities will run from 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. and will include fitness activities, educational displays and refreshments. Coca-Cola will present a check for $10,000 to Lake Macbride State Park in a ceremony beginning at 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Goal: 3 Million Votes!! We know that you and every other Iowan appreciates having beautiful parks to play in and so we're asking all Iowans to show their support by voting, often. Lake Macbride will serve as a pilot for ensuring healthy vending choices in Iowa state parks. So your vote also shows your support for increasing access to healthy beverages and snacks.

Please let us know if you have questions about this program, or if you want to be involved in the fitness day on August 3rd. Thank you for supporting Lake Macbride State Park and America is Your Park!

For information on the program please visit: (and don’t forget to vote!).

Submitted by bumanfam, IGO President



IGO's Meet-n-Greet

IGO is there to look out for and help the fellow Geocacher and now is your chance to help IGO out.  On August 20th at 1:00 in the afternoon, the finance committee is asking all fellow geocachers to come out and support IGO.
The event is and officially it is a meet and greet but after that is done, we have some games to play in hopes of growing the funds IGO needs to help support it's members. Below is the agenda of how things will go and we hope that you will find it fun.

Activity #1
We set up 10 temporary caches and players will donate $1 for each find, a $2 donation for each DNF and a FTF is free. Each player gets one poker card for each find or DNF (no extra for FTF). Best poker hand wins ½ the money collected, the other ½ goes to IGO.
The card drawing will be like Digger did in the Weenie roast.  He has a bucket of 52 cards and each person draws their cards and picks the best hand there and then. If there is a tie, those two will redraw cards and play against each other till a winner is found.
We will hand out a sheet of paper with the 10 coordinates and a place for them to write a key word. The caches will each have a key word in it that players will need to write on the score card. We will have a second piece of paper in it with another FTF key word and the FTF person will take that paper and turn it in for proof of the FTF.

Activity #2
Donation of $5 per player (or couple).
We will hand out another sheet of paper with 10 different coordinates and a place for them to write a key word. The caches will each have a key word in it that players will need to write on the score card. We will have a second piece of paper in it with another FTF key word and the FTF person will take that paper and turn it in for proof of the FTF.
Each person gets to put their name on a sheet of paper for a drawing. One paper for a find, two papers for a FTF and minus one paper for a DNF.
We draw a name and the winner gets ½ the $ collected and the other ½ goes to IGO.

1:00 - Plan 30 minutes greeting time
1:30-2:30 - 1 hour for activity 1
2:30-3:00 – 30 minutes to turn in sheets
3:00-4:00 - 1 hour for activity 2
4:00-4:30 - 30 minutes scoring and awarding of activity #1 & #2

Groups are allowed but the donations will be the same as listed above.

There will be a logger cache so you get credit for all your finds but hey since IGO get's more $ per DNF there will be some varying difficulty levels

The idea is to have fun and socialize.  Bring a friend, bring a muggle.  Come out and visit.  We would like to see as many IGO members as we can. Pass the word and tell all the IGO members you know!

Written by: Borky00, IGO Finance & Fundraising Committee





IGO Committee Members Wanted

Good news...The BOD are looking to staff the IGO committees, are you interested?

Positions in the following committees are available:

Finance / Fundraising
Land Manager Relations

The BOD relies on committees to draft policies and help administer the daily operation of the group. Committees are staffed by IGO members who are appointed by the Board. If you would like to contribute your voice and participation to the operation of the group please e-mail and let us know which committee you are interested in serving. The IGO Nominations Committee will consider your interest and formally appoint you to the committee if approved.

For additional information, please see this link:

Written by: lagrac, IGO Secretary




Cache Of The Month (COTM)

Congratulations to bumanfam for their July COTM win for GC1YZ2R - Minesweeper!

Voting for the August COTM is now open!  Every month from the 1st - 15th voting is held for the COTM and the 16th - the end of the month is the nominations of a cache.   Click here to VOTE for your favorite cache.  You can also vote from your home page on the IGO website.  Log-in to IGO and scroll down to find the COTM information.  Click on the title of the article to see the complete list of rules.

So remember to not only vote for your favorite COTM at the beginning of the month but to nominate your favorite cache at the end of the month as well.  Be sure to leave a comment on the COTM page telling everyone why you nominated that cache.

This month's nominees are: 

 GC24A95 Like The Other, Only Better .....and Worse by jackpinesavage4ever, Unknown Cache (4.5/3.5)
 GC2TFKT aROuNd TOwN by Borky00, Multi-cache (5/3.5)
 GC2M8GT Battery Tester by RedDarling, Unknown Cache (2/1.5)
 GC2K0H2 Listen to me by SuperGoober, Unknown Cache (1.5/1.5)
 GC2Z2J1 Marion Wanderlust by SuperGoober, Unknown Cache (1.5/1)
 GC1Z1QR Stacked by bumanfam, Unknown Cache (1.5/1)








Make sure you get your vote in.  You do not have to have been to the cache to vote for the cache.



Cacher Profile....



What is your first name and last name initial?: Thomas O.

What is your Geocaching name?: iconions How did you come up with your Geocaching name?: It is an old email id from a company I used to work for.
When did you start Geocaching?: April of 2005
How did you learn about Geocaching and what kept you going?: Came across it while surfing the web. It's a great activity to do to go explore new areas of the country and the world.

What was your first GPSr and what do you have now? What's the GPSr you would like to have?My first GPS was a Garmin eTrex. I upgraded to an eTrex Legend, and about a year ago, upgraded to an Oregon 450 - my dream GPS. I'm really happy with this one.
Do you cache with other cachers, family or on your own?: Mostly with my wife - she reads her Kindle while I go hunting for my little treasures.
What is (are) your favorite geocache(s)?: Robert and Edward in Arlington National Cemetery was a real learning experience.
What are your favorite types of geocaches?: I've been enjoying Wherigos - one of the main reasons I bought the Oregon.
What is your least favorite type of geocache?: One that I can't find!
Do you have a favorite area to cache? Why is this your favorite area?: I have enjoyed caching Des Moines and Cedar Rapids - there are excellent caches and strong groups in both areas.
What do you keep in your geocaching bag?: Swag, Sharpies, First Aid Kit, tweezers, pocket toolman, poncho, water bottle, batteries, and sanitizer.
What is the coolest/wierdest thing that you have found in a cache? What do you enjoy finding in caches?: I like finding coins and travel bugs. I don't usually swap swag so I really don't pay much attention to what is in there.
Do you have a collection and what do you collect and why?: I do like to collect pathtags - I also collect postage stamps. I love to travel and this is a way to travel without leaving home.
Why do you like or dislike geocoins/pathtags and how many do you have in your personal collection?: I like them - I have 12 geocoins and 8 pathtags.
Which do you prefer more: finding geocaches or hiding geocaches? Why?: I prefer finding. I guess I'm a little selfish but the area I live in is really saturated and I don't want to do the skirt lifter thing.

If money and time were no object, what & where are the cache(s) you would love to find? Why?: I would like to do the entire "Cache across America" Series. Only 48 more to go! I just love exploring this country.
How do you prepare for a full day of geocaching?: Download the caches into the GPS, make sure the truck has gas, stop and get the wife a Diet Mt. Dew and gum!
Do you have a favorite event you like to attend or have attended?: Even though the weather didn't cooperate - The Universe is our Playground. This was a great idea for a caching event!
What is the furthest distance you've traveled for a specific single geocache?: Meade #1 - this cache was to finish the Kansas Geocaching Contest in 2008. This is as far as you can get from where I live in KC.
Where & how far away is the farthest geocache you've ever found from your home coordinates?: Cape Bear Lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, Canada - 1707 miles from home.
What was your hardest cache to find and/or container? (Without being too much of a spoiler!): Cemetery - I had just started and had to go back THREE times before I found the silly thing!
Do you have a funny story about a muggle or running into a muggle?: I had just found a cache in a park in west central Kansas when this deputy Sheriff pulled up with his lights on. After he had me hemming and hawing for a minute, come to find out he was the one who placed the cache. his handle - quikkuffer!
Anything else that you would like to share with us?: Geocaching has been a great way for me to meet some great people from all over the Midwest!


Submitted by: iconions



In The Know...

Did you know....

  • The IGO Store, ran by Welch, will be at the IGO Meet n' Greet on August 20th at Lake MacBride State Park.  Welch is bringing all items available from the store so make sure you stop by to see what he has for you.
  • You can post a comment on the IGO History page with any additions you would like to see added.
  • You can make a bid for the place of the 2012 Hike n' Seek Event.  E-mail all bids to



IGO's Prize Vault Winner!

Congratulations to RonTon who won the ammo can donated by Repmul from the IGO Prize Vault!   Each month IGO draws one winner from among those who have opted to become Supporting Members of the organization.  You can find out more about becoming a SM at  Also, once IGO hits 250 "likes" on Facebook, we'll draw a winner from our FB fans! (Spread the word. . .)


Written by: on Facebook




Design the Iowa Geocachers Organization 2012 Pathtag Contest

Are you good at drawing? Do you have designs going through your head? Have you looked at our Pathtag design and thought “I could do something better than that?” Well here is your chance to put your design on paper and possibly get it made into the 2012 IGO Pathtag!!!
Draw your design (or get someone to draw it for you) and submit it to:
IGO Pathtag Design Contest
6623 32nd Avenue
Shellsburg, IA 52332

Entries must be received by September 22nd and will be voted on by the IGO Board of Directors at their September “Face to Face” meeting at Hike n Seek on September 23rd, 2011. If your design is chosen as the winner you will receive a 20 pack of your design Pathtags once they are made. Winner will be announced on Sunday morning (September 25th, 2011) at Hike n Seek. You do not need to be present to win and all design submissions become property of Iowa Geocachers Organization and may possibly be used at a later date with no compensation to the designer. IGO is not responsible for late or misdirected mail.


Submitted by CCWashburn, IGO BOD / Finance & Fundraising Commitee




IGO 2011-2012 Trackables Race


All racers must be sent to me BEFORE the race start. This will allow me time to drill necessary holes and/or attach race information in time to start the race at IGO Hike-n-Seek 2011 (GC2R6J3).(September 24th, 2011)

Any racers that arrive late or handed to me at the launch event will be released in local Cedar Rapids area caches as soon as possible and will get a late start. All racers will finish the race at the same time regardless of starting date.


PR-1 - A geocacher may enter up to a maximum of 2 trackables in the race. The 2 trackables can be purchased now or previously owned, as long as it has zero mileage on it
PR-2 - All enteries must be trackable on
PR-3 - All trackables entered must be registered by the owner (the person who entered the trackable into the race), have 0 miles logged and contain no log entries prior to the start of the race. If you do not want your racer in your inventory please mark it as 'missing'. This will not affect your racers mileage.
PR-4 - Prizes will be awarded to the top racer based on greatest distance traveled and for most placements by different geocachers.
PR-5 - If the same trackable wins both categories, then the prize for most geocachers will go to the 2nd place trackable in that category.
PR-6 - In case of a tie in either of the categories, the tie will be broken by drawing names.
PR-7 - All prize winners will be contacted for their mailing information so I know where to mail their prizes to.
PR-8 - Racer standings will be updated on a regular basis.


1. If you find a trackable in a geocache and take it, please move it along to another geocache in a timely manner(generally within 2 weeks). Mailing trackables for extra miles is not allowed.
2. Only log the trackable into a geocache in which you get a smiley face for except if it is the only geocache you place it in or it is the final geocache you leave the trackable in. Example: geocacher A does 4 caches, the first 3 must accompany a smiley face log on the cache page while the last can be a note or smiley face log. Even though there is no limit set to this rule. Use common sense and be courteous to other geocachers who would enjoy moving a racing trackable. Please do not use racing trackables as personal trackers for weeks and months.
3. If any of these rules are not followed, the owner of the trackable may be asked to remove the violating log(s) entry. If the violating log(s) entry is not removed, then the trackable's race standings will not be updated.
4. In the rare situation where an owner of a trackable finds their trackable, they may move it on to another geocache, but it may not be more than 50 miles away and you are limited to a maximum of two movements for the duration of the race.
5. Please post rules 1, 2 and 3 on your trackable page.


Greatest Overall Distance Traveled:
This is based on the valid mileage value on the trackable page indicated on the line that says "Travel Bug History (#.#mi)".

Placements By Different Geocachers:
This is based on the total number of different geocachers who place your racing trackable.

Arriving back at Hike n Seek 2012:
Any and all trackables in this race that make it back to Hike n Seek 2012 will be eligible for a special prize drawing, however the trackable must have actually traveled and accrued more than 150 miles.


We have not yet determined what the prizes will be, but they will be nice. We are still working on donations.

Racers may be mailed to:
IGO Trackables Race
6623 32nd Avenue
Shellsburg, IA 52332

Please mail so they arrive at least 1 week prior to the start of the race. Or you may hand deliver them to CCWashburn at any event she attends before any of the HnS activities. IGO or CCWashburn are not responsible for late or misdirected mail.

Submitted by CCWashburn, IGO BOD / Finance & Fundraising Commitee


Awesome Logs Contest

Okay, folks - here's another contest for you! This is a one-off contest - not a monthly thing, so don't wait until later, or you'll miss out! Here's the scoop:

1. Take a look at the caches you own (in Iowa) and submit the best-written logs. Found, DNF, Attended - anything but a Note or your own logs.

2. The Board of Directors will narrow the field of entries to a reasonable number (5 or so).

3. The finalist logs will be put up for a vote by the IGO membership.

4. The writer and the submitter (cache owner) of the winning log will each win a pick from the IGO Prize Vault.

Now, the rules:

1. Only cache owners may submit logs, and the logs must be from those made on their own caches (others may prod COs to post). Logs may be from any date after 01 May 2000.

2. Entries are to be in the form of a response to this thread.

3. Each entry must include the GC-code for the cache, and should also include a link to the specific log. If you need help with this, ask.

4. The full text of the log itself must be copied into the reply hereto, and must not be edited or truncated.

5. Submissions must be posted by 11:59pm, 31 August 2011, and there is no limit on the number of unique logs a cache owner may submit.

6. Any submission deemed irregular may be disqualified at the Board's discretion (for example, a log that appears to have been written solely for the purpose of this contest, and not as an actual cache log).

7. Caches for which logs are posted must be located within the state of Iowa, be listed on, and need not be currently active.

8. After the Board selects the finalists, a poll will be offered in these forums for the general membership to vote for the best log, and voting will continue through the end of the month of September 2011.

9. Log writers and cache owners must be or become basic members of IGO in order to claim a prize from the Prize Vault (only logged-in users can see the Vault).

10. Winners will be notified via their IGO or Groundspeak contact information, and will have 2 weeks to respond, or prize will be forfeited.

There it is, IGO! Share your best logs!

Written by: bumanfam, IGO President




What's New In The IGO Store

Sale in the store now! 

Those of you that check the IGO store regularly may have noticed a few changes. First thing is that the Hike N Seek items from last fall are on sale. This was approved by the board at June meeting. The reasoning is that those items have been selling very slowly, and in some cases not at all since the end of the event. Hopefully dropping prices a bit will encourage more sales of those things.







It was suggested to me at an event that the reason only a few people have used their supporting member coupons was that the prices in the store don't work out well for using the coupons. The coupons require you spend at least $20 to use the $5 discount coupon, but there were no items that were exactly those prices. So The other change is that there are some items listed multiple times in varying quantities. Some of the 'multiplied' times out in nice five dollar increments. In any case it should make it easier for those wishing to order several of one item to do so without having the include shipping price in there several times (It usually doesn't cost twice as much to ship two rather than one, but ordering multiple singles calculates that way).

If anyone has any other suggestions that would help improve the store, please let the storekeeper or someone on the Board know about you idea(s).

Submitted by: welch, IGO Storemaster



 Iowa Geo-Kids

 Get in the Game

Written by i12canoe

Over the past year an active Cub Scout Leader and I put together a gps treasure hunt around the E.B. Lyons (Dubuque, IA) nature trails in coordination with the DNR, that is aimed at getting youngsters out for a couple hours of fun. There's really only one true cache hidden, however engraved plates are at locations for the youth to find. Nothing too technical beyond entering the gps coordinates into the device, which most all IGC members can do.

It's an effort to get local youth and their parents to spend some time together and learn about Geocaching. The center has also just been remodeled with new displays and exhibits.

Editor note:  I have added part of i12canoe's pdf here.  For the full pdf, please contact i12canoe.  The pdf shows full details of this very fun adventure. 

 “Get In The Game” – GPS Treasure Hunt

E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center, 8991 Bellevue Heights, Dubuque, IA

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has tapped into the fun and excitement of GeoCaching and invited you along.
We have a treasure hunt laid out for you on the E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center trails at the Mines of Spain Recreation Area with the focus on nature, history of this area, Scouting values, and certainly the excitement and challenges of GPS navigation.

Rules are very simple:

1. Follow the handout steps and provided directions.

2.  Navigate on trails only and be respectful of nature or other visitors at the park.

3. Be safe and don’t run down the trails.

Opportunities to learn about history and natural resources of the area as well as additional tasks are provided for your education.

Let’s get going!

This is a column dedicated to our Iowa Geo-kids.  If you would like to see an article by, for or about your Iowa Geo-kid, make your submission to .


Submitted by: i12canoe



 2010-2011 IGO Travelbug Race Results

Here are the result to the IGO Travelbug Race.  Congratulations to all of our contestants!

Most Miles

1st) Sydney the Koala Travel Tag 19339 miles
2nd) Repmul's IGO Racer 15572 miles
3rd) Eye See YOU 8323 miles
4th) Hopping and Hoping 7807 miles
5th) Dafydd's IGO Racer 7686 miles
6th) Polish Keychain 5875 miles
7th) Speedy Squidy 2 2906 miles
8th) Night Light 2335 miles
9th) Floor it!! 1910 miles
10th) Go ! Hawks ! 1364 miles
11th) Jose Cuervo 938 miles
12th) Glow Sticks 862 miles
13th) Amore the Teddy Bear Travel Tag 126 miles
14th) Wassamatta U 71 miles

Most Unique Cache Visits

1st) Repmul's IGO Racer 22
2nd) Dafydd's IGO Racer 21
3rd) Sydney the Koala Travel Tag 17
4th) Speedy Squidy 2 11 (tie for 4th place)
4th) Jose Cuervo 11
6th) Polish Keychain 10
7th) Hopping and Hoping 9
8th) Go ! Hawks ! 6 (tie for 8th place)
8th) Floor it!! 6
10th) Eye See YOU 5 (three way tie for 10th place)
10th) Night Light 5
10th) Glow Sticks 5
13th) Amore the Teddy Bear Travel Tag 3
14th) Wassamatta U 2

Written by: Tape Worm



 Recent Milestones

Congratulations to the following IGO members for reaching a milestone find in the last 30 days.  To update your own statistics be sure to visit "My Account", click on "Edit" then "Profile" and scroll down.  If you would like to check out these milestones through-out the month, visit

Name GC Milestone Date Recorded
 shabs 3600th 2011-07-31
 KeokukDiscer 300th 2011-07-31
 lagrac 14600th 2011-07-29
 keekle 2500th 2011-07-29
 L J Silver 900th 2011-07-28
 CartDaddy 2200th 2011-07-28
 J.S.K. 2700th 2011-07-27
 Sky King 36 2200th 2011-07-25
 swr rat 2000th 2011-07-25
 Doc29 2300th 2011-07-24
 c_dog 7800th 2011-07-23
 lagrac 14500th 2011-07-21
 looking4gems 2200th 2011-07-21
 mhoefing 1600th 2011-07-19
 Hill Folk 2600th 2011-07-18
 biscuitt bunch 3900th 2011-07-17
 The Oxford Plodder 200th 2011-07-15
 iowagerd 10900th 2011-07-14
 cjandbj 2600th 2011-07-12
 mon"rose" 3400th 2011-07-12
 captiansatman 50th 2011-07-12
 H2O_Buoy 1600th 2011-07-10
 msand 300th 2011-07-09
 jdrush 3300th 2011-07-09
 CartDaddy 2100th 2011-07-09
 jstrout 2000th 2011-07-07
 Daddy Otho 2900th 2011-07-07
 birgenfamily 1400th 2011-07-07
 The Northwood Goonies 500th 2011-07-05
 iowaPete 500th 2011-07-05
 keekle 2400th 2011-07-04
 Iowa Copper 3600th 2011-07-02
 Marge6247 200th 2011-07-01
 helms2049 100th 2011-07-01






Upcoming Iowa Events



 GC2VFCG  Turn the PAGE by bucknuts, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-08-03
 GC2VFDP  Latitude 41 by Team WHO, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-08-06
 GC2VFGB  IT'S A FIZZY DAY by Team WHO, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-08-06
 GC2ZQJG  Fifth Annual Beer, Brats & Burger Bash **Fifth** by BLOODLUST, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-08-13
 GC30T92  The Old "Tuxedo's" C.I.T.O. River Clean-Up by Team M.A.N., Event Cache (1/2)  2011-08-13
 GC2TFK0  IGO Meet-n-Greet by Borky00, Event Cache (2/2)  2011-08-20
 GC30C0H  A "Flash" Mob Event by The Weasel, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-08-21
 GC2ZQMW  7&8 on 9-10-11 @ 12:13 by digger9, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-09-10
 GC2R6J3  IGO Hike-n-Seek 2011 by IowaGeocachersOrg, Event Cache  (1/1)  2011-09-24
 GC3036B  Cub Club by bucknuts, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-10-05
 GC2Z45G  The Start To A Great Weekend (VER 2.0) by digger9, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-10-07
 GC2YVHR  4th Annual Southeast Iowa October Cache Fest by WACkOSAGO, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-10-08
 GC2QM9C  MOGA 2012 by MOGA, Event Cache  (1/1)  2012-04-12