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I was contacted by Mrs. Johnson at Jefferson Elementary here in Pella, about sharing the fun world of Geocaching with the 6th grade classes. She set up the date and I placed the 9 caches, of many types  and various sizes of containers. We even had a virtual (date on a plaque) and a mystery with math skills. The best was a muti where they had to look in to a bird house by turning on a flash light to see the picture of and evergreen where the cache was.

The number of students was around 45. I asked them if they knew what geocaching was and only a few have done it. After I told them how it worked with satellites and GPS’s, they got the idea. We then went over how to find the waypoint on the E-trex. We walked through it as a group, I then broke them into groups of three. I had the course broke up into segments so they were not all at the same place at once, that worked out well. The group was told to rotate Gps’s so they all had a chance to use it.

I had hand outs of the caches, and also explained the difficulty and terrains system.

I was not too sure if these kids where smarter than a 5th grader, Ha- Ha, let alone if they could run the GPS .The class was about 1hr and to see these kids pick up the technology so fast was amazing.

At the end we meet as a group and I told them about the buddy system and how important it was to mark your car so you could find your way back, along with other things like knowing your ability level about getting the cache. Don’t attempt it if you don’t feel like you can do it. And always remember it is all about the fun.

I would like to thank the class for listening and following my instructions and sharing in on a fun filled afternoon.  Also great thanks  should go out to the US Army Corp of Engineer and Park Ranger Spry who was thrilled to let us use their 15 E-trex (one little tip if you do this make sure you take them to each location and mark each way point, Wow that made it easy).