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I have a favor to ask... Sometime in the next couple weeks please visit (it's the internet home for MOGA 2012 and is NOT done yet but...) and have a look at the layout of the forums there. 

The MOGA 2012 site uses a forums system that is "native" to Drupal, but made to look/behave pretty much like IGO's current phpBB3 forums system.    phpBB3 is a great system, but it can be a maintenance NIGHTMARE for me.  In particular, our integration of phpBB3 with Drupal means that moving our web site to a new host (something we might want to do if our current host ever goes belly-up or their performance degrades) can take 20+ hours of work over 3-4 days shutting us down for as much as a week.  The same operation for a site using the native forums might take 2 hours and shut us down for 6 hours at most. 

So, I would like IGO to consider moving our forums to the native Drupal system that MOGA 2012 is currently using.  Check out the MOGA 2012 system and consider the differences.

If we are to initiate a change in the forums down-the-road it MIGHT be possible to migrate all the existing forum posts into the native system, but it could also mean freezing what we have in phpBB3 so no new posts would be allowed there, and pushing all new discussions to the native system.

Think it over and please visit the IGO forum post at to leave feedback.