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Hi all,

This is Ron & Carol.. We are known as: Muffkin42 X 2. The picture to the right is the "Original Cache", located in Oregon. We found it in 2007, on our first GeoVacation.. We were gone for 6 weeks, drove 7800 miles, visited ALL the Western States (West of the Mississippi), four Provinces of Canada, saw 5 National Parks, and spent 5 days in Las Vegas, and we found almost 400 Caches, (We had to come home early, as my wife's Mother was not well).. :-0

We recently got back from a 2 month+ (May 25th to August 6, 2011), GeoVacation to Alaska.. We drove over 11,600 miles up, around Alaska, and back, home again.. One of our most memorable caches of the 400+ we found on our trip was: GC2CW77 "Bent Inner Circle".. Not that it was unique in it's own way or hard to find, but the fact that it was ABOVE the Arctic Circle. Approx 200 miles NORTH of Fairbanks, AK. OUR NUMBER 3900th find!!!  We were above" the Artic Circle, WHY didn't we go on further North to Prudhoe Bay to find a cache??  Beats me??? When we went to log the cache a few days later, my laptop was NOT working properly!! It didn't work the whole trip!! We ended up having to buy a "new one"..  ALSO, had to "LOG" all the Caches" we found between Iowa and Alaska, after we got home!!!!     Anyway, we were on our 49th Anniversary Honey-moon to: "The Land of the Mid-night Sun", and we had a ball!! 

We also found Caches IN the Northwest Territory, the Yukon Territory, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, Canada

Welcome to our WORLD of GeoCaching... A LOT of the Cache finding demands are the ultimate of all exercises.. As GeoCaching IS the "Climax" of Hiking...

We'll BCNU down the road!! AND, "Keep On, Cachin' On"

Muffkin42 X 2

Ron & Carol

Vinton, IA


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