Meeting Minutes - September 2012

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Iowa Geocaching Organization Board Meeting Minutes 

August 16, 2012 

Present: Bumanfam, digger9, ccwashburn, Hill Folk, repmul, RedheadBasset,bjcheryl , c_dog, lagrac 

Not present: none

July Minutes: were approved and accepted by all present. (9-0)

Treasury Report: was approved and accepted by all present. (9-0)


New business: 

The IGO Newsletter will be continued.

The Webmaster is currently updating the web page to make it compliant to the IGO's non-profit status.

A vote to display the IGO Banner at Events was approved by all present. (9-0)

Old business:

The "Milestone Coin" award idea has been tabled.

Discussions to improve upon Iowa's Cache of the Month were continued.

Committee Reports:

finance/fund raising- The IGO Store will be present at HNS '12. $150 has be earmarked for IGO merchandise to be sold on site.

A fudraising idea proposed by Borky00 was been approved with an amendment for a $5 minimum donation rather than $10.

land manager- none

events- HNS '12 is still being organized.

Events will be held that friday evening as well as saturday evening.

The annual meeting will be held Friday evening at the Northside? in Winterset.

legals- no updates

nominations- The nominations process is still progressing.

Public Comment- none

The meeting was adjourned and approved by all present. (9-0)