Meeting Minutes - August 2012

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 Iowa Geocaching Organization Board Meeting Minutes 

July 19, 2012 
Present: Bumanfam, digger9, ccwashburn, Hill Folk, repmul, RedheadBasset, lagrac 
Not present: bjcheryl , c_dog
June Minutes: were approved and accepted by all present. (7-0)
Treasury Report: was approved and accepted by all present. (7-0)
New business: 
Old business:
Committee Reports:
finance/fund raising- none
land manager- none
events- HNS '12 is still being organized.
The "mystery box" idea seemed to be popular @ HNS '11, the Board will
be conducting a similar raffle this year.
The IGO's annual meeting will be held the friday prior to HNS '12.
A "Finish What You Started" pre-event will be held.
This Event's write was approved (with amendments) by all present. (7-0)
The Extra Effort Event in Pella was a success!
legals- no updates
nominations- The nominations process is progressing.
Public Comment- none
The meeting was adjourned and approved by all present. (7-0)