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My name is Mark Miller and I am part of M4ISU (previously Millers4ISU), along with my children J.R. , Emily and Riley.

Here is a little bit about me.

We have been caching since January 2012 and you can say  that I became "hooked" shortly after we started.  I got into caching to have a family activity and one we could do outdoors.   It has really taken a direction I did not expect and we have developed many friendships with other cachers through events and even meeting on "the trail". 

The kids like attending events that are over night so we can stay and a hotel, and they like the ones with kids caches.  Ammo cans with tradeables are their favorite hide.

My favorite are cemeteries and anything with history. Virtuals are awesome as well,  especially those that get you off the beaten path.  As a kid, whenever we traveled I always wanted to stop at the roadside markers;  now I have a reason to do so again !

I have had too many great caching experiences to pick one ; a couple highlights are the day the boy and I did 16 counties in Northeast Iowa in a day ; the day Em and I did the IGO series, she stuck with me all day ; and the recent team caching I've been doing with my central Iowa friends to get difficult caches or just a whole slug in one day.

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