Jacksonherefords. AKA Kelly B.

So, a longtime friend of mine visited his family in the south, and when he returned, he had to tell me about this cool new hobby of his. We met up, and went to Scott County Park in Eastern Iowa, and started caching. Next thing you know, I am fully addicted to using million dollar satellite technology to find tupperware in the woods...

I work in a farm store, even though I have a degree in AutoCADD, born and raised in Iowa, as normal as one can be with crazy friends, 2 kids and a hubby that rolls his eyes when I want to go caching! Any questions, message me!

Oh, and if any of you look up my number on here, be respectful please, I do have kids and get up early, but if you need something and do call and tell me what's up, I am more often than not, happy to help! Thanks!

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