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Hello everyone, my name is Wendelyn, but I go by Wendy. I've always like being outdoors and come by that honestly as my folks brought us kids up doing the swimming, bicycle riding, hunting, camping, hiking and fishing thing. We loved it! Always fun to get out, and even more fun when there's a goal in mind. Geocaching sets a natural goal to 'getting out there' and getting some fresh air and sunshine. The one thing that hasn't changed in our world is the part of the game you call CITO, that's definite "DUH". Our folks taught us to be green before being 'Green' was the thing to be.

When we were growing up, Mother and Dad taught us to pick up trash while we were out hiking then bring it back to the campground or to the house with us to throw away. We didn't take Walmart bags with us then because we didn't have them, our hands were good enough, sometimes we would find a large enough container to help us in our quest to bring home all the trash - a thrown away foam cooler for example. So I think the CITO is the coolest! Great job Groundspeak!

I'm still a little slow starting out with Geocaching, though, I've only been officially doing it for about a month or so. I’m still using a TomTom 720 (or Maudie Mae, as she’s affectionately called) in my car to get to where I'm going on a regular basis. However, I'm now using Garmin Map 62s hand held while getting to a Cache, whether in the car or on foot. On June 10, 2014, the TomTom by itself worked out really well, it was my first time out alone, without the company of my folks and their hand held GPS, and I hadn't gotten the Garmin yet. I found three caches on my own, woot!

As of the last part of July 2014, I obtained my Garmin 62s and I've been learning mostly on my own how to use this hand-held GPS.  Dad attempts to help me over the phone, and they've taken me out them some weekends, when they’re home, but this GPS has proven to be rather static thus far. As long as a Cache isn't too far off the road and is along a man-made pathway (sidewalk, concrete or black-top) between my TomTom which is fairly faithful and my Garmin, and along with my wits, I generally get to the right location. The Garmin, as I said, seems to lead me astray of the goal - telling me the Cache is farther on or that I've passed it, by several to a hundred or more feet. LoL - technology - I ask you, who made this stuff anyway!? Ha!  I just need more practice with the Garmin and several more Geocaching trips and tips with some "expert" Geocachers.

Huh, I guess I really didn’t need more practice, turned out the Garmin 62s GPS was just faulty, the store replaced it last week (09/2014) with a new 62s under warranty, and voila!  I am now finding caches without too many problems.  If I can’t find them now it’s not because of the GPS.  So I have no excuses and I really do need to practice my Geocaching skills to get better at finding them.

I look forward to meeting other Geocachers, perhaps making friends and going Geocaching together. I've never seen anyone but myself when I’m out caching so far, other than my folks. Seems like I hear about Geocachers running into other Geocachers all the time when they're out and about.

I have to give a special thank you to Dad and Mother for helping me to get into Geocaching by taking me out with you as often as you have; it's a really fun sport!

By the way, if any of you want to get together to go Geocaching I'm willing just drop me an email. I'd be happy to go if I'm available!

Blessings to all, and keep on Caching everyone, CUSoon. 
Iowa Mongoose
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