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Hello everyone, my name is Wendelyn, but I go by Wendy. I've always like being outdoors and come by that honestly as my folks brought us kids up doing the swimming, bicycle riding, hunting, camping, hiking and fishing thing. We loved it! Always fun to get out, and even more fun when there's a goal in mind. Geocaching sets a natural goal to 'getting out there' and getting some fresh air and sunshine. The one thing that hasn't changed in our world is the part of the game Groundspeak calls CITO. Our folks taught us kids to be green before being 'Green' was the thing to be.

When we were growing up, Mother and Dad taught us to pick up trash while we were out hiking then bring it back to the campground or to the house with us to throw away. We didn't take Walmart bags with us then because we didn't have them, our hands were good enough, sometimes we would find a large enough container to help us in our quest to bring home all the trash, i.e. a thrown away foam cooler. So I think the CITO is the coolest! Great job Groundspeak!

I look forward to meeting other Geocachers, making friends and going Geocaching together. The more I Geocache, the more finds I make, and the more challenging it is mentally the more I'm loving this game or sport. I am also seeing some physical changes in me, which are a good thing, since I began Geocaching. This is even more exciting and it's an encouragement to get out and do even more.

It's really important to me that all of you know, that I'm willing to get together to go Geocaching. Just drop me an email through or get my information from the IGO site. I'd be happy to go if I'm available!

Blessings to all, and keep on Caching everyone, CUSoon. 
Iowa Mongoose
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