Interview with Iowa Geocachers

Can you recognize these fins?

If you said Dazed and Confused, you'd be correct! They are the subject of this month's Interview with Geocachers!

 How long have you been caching and how did you start?

Our first find was “Cindy’s Little Secret” on January 4, 2004 (with a minus 25 wind chill). Frank became aware of Geocaching when he saw it mentioned in a Scientific American article.

 How did you get your handle or how did you think of it?

When Frank registered on Groundspeak, before he had ever tried Geocaching, he envisioned someone looking for a cache, wandering around the woods, dazed and confused. The name might have come to him because he is a Led Zeppelin fan, and they have a song by that name.

 I as well as others enjoy your Winter Picnic and Lake Wapello night caches, how did you get your electronic training?

It’s one of Frank’s hobbies. He didn’t do much electronics work while at Rockwell Collins.

 In real life you have a wonderful business...what is it and how did that get started?

Marge was a library media specialist. Frank was a production engineer. Marge has run a small business called Wood, Brass, and Glass since the early 80’s. We work together on many projects and we do some commissions, a few craft shows, special projects like the IGO awards, and sell on Etsy.

 How did the Winter Picnic start?

Long ago we participated in neighborhood sledding parties at Woodpecker Lodge in Pinicon Ridge Park. Later, when we were Geocaching, we thought it would be nice to “pay back” other event hosts, and winter seemed like a good time since there were few events that time of year.

 Do you have other family that go caching with you or muggles who are annoyed when they are with you?

None of our family goes geocaching, but we did introduce it to two of Marge’s sisters. Both thought it was fun, but one didn’t like the lack of “facilities” in the woods, and the other found a snake on her second find.

 How many caches do you have? And how many placed?

As of this writing we have found 5941 and we have placed/hosted 86. We like to place unique caches that families can enjoy.

-Marsha (gmsnrich)