Interview with an Iowa Geocacher

I have geocached with Jan many times, nothing gets in her way of finding the cache. She is prepared, you can see that in her car, laptop, cords, etc, she knows how to use her phone for navigation.

She started on October 5, 2003 at a Girl Scout conference and that's where she got her handle, Boasark. Girls Scouts have a Basic Out and About session, and Jan starting in 1989 as a councilor for that class. She choose the BOA for her handle at Camp Sacajawea. Driving a huge Mercury Station Wagon that must have been like a a boat, because the other councilors called it an ark, that's where Boasark came to be.

She bought the license plates with that name, so when a fellow councilor told her about geocaching that's the name she chose. By the way, Jan has been with the Girl Scouts for 44 years.

Her husband Dean is a reluctant cacher, a good spirited muggle, and they live out on 20 acres of timber land. Jan has 2 children and 4 grandchildren, and 3 of those love to go caching with her. You can recognize Alisark because she had a few caches out at Hike-N-Seek.

Jan has been a charter member of the board for IGO, and served for 3 terms and as secretary.

Jan and her husband have traveled for her addiction to 15 states, a couple of Mega's and many Hike-N-Seeks events.

Just to let you know she can solve puzzles like crazy we along with some more cachers have texted between ourselves and solved puzzles til midnight, then planned our next adventure.

-Marsha (gmsnrich)