Interview with an Iowa Geo "genius"

Interview with a Geo “genius”

This is the last interview in the series. Scott Mills has been a long time cacher with an impressive record for finds and hides.

His handle, The NVG, stands for The Navigational Genius, coined by his Company Commander while on recon when Scott was in the Army National Guard. He started caching in April of 2005, and has 9300 finds and 1430 hides. He's hoping to make 10,000 at the 10th MOGA in April of 2018. Apparently he can find everything out there...and he has over 1,600 FTF's.

He has attended 7 megas and he was the competition head at the 2012 MOGA at Lake Rathbun. He did host the 2008 Carroll and the 2012 Winterset Hike-n-Seeks. Scott said “We won HNS in 2006, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14. 2014 Okoboji was the last competition held. For MOGA, Vic and I got third in the 2 man in 2007, we won the two man in 2008, 2nd in 2009. We won the 2011 4 man but not the cup. We finally won the cup in 2013 and 2015. We have missed the last two MOGA's due to deaths of family and friends.”

Most of us know you are a big bike rider and runner. Do you cache 
while you do those two things?  “I mix caching with almost every activity.”

Most favorite cache? Well, as Scott says, ”It's not fair to pick just one. There are so many good ones.”

Does your family cache with you? “They did at the very beginning. They all had names. Cole was BlingBlingBoy. Morgan was Queen Maria. Jess was Bee Dub (Big Worm.) Jess still goes by that name.” As all of us have learned as Kids get older they cache less and less. His wife Carrie is the “infamous Dark Sider who hates all things caching. Her name comes from the early days when we would ask her to come to the light meaning come caching with us. Hence, the dark side.”

As we all have found out Geocaching leads you to a community of special people.

Scott's last statement was “We found more than ammo cans in the woods, for Carrie and I we found our best friends.” I agree.

It's been a privilege to interview the cachers who have so graciously granted me the opportunity to interview them. I have gotten to know them and about them a little more through their own words. Marsha-gmsnrich