February 2009 Cache-of-the-Month (COTM)

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February 2009

Note: This COTM was populated on 01-Feb-2014 by 24hawki from old records.

Welcome to the IGO COTM.  You can nominate any ACTIVE IOWA cache for COTM simply by sending an e-mail to cotm@iowageocachers.org.   Be sure to list the GCxxxxx ID of the cache you wish to nominate.  IGO's COTM administrator will review your nomination and add it to this COTM if acceptable.   We currenly accept no more than 10 nominations per month and nominations close when voting begins.

Please do NOT nominate a cache that you placed yourself.  Past winners cannot be nominated again, but non-winners can be re-nominated in subsequent months.  You do NOT have to visit a cache to nominate it or vote for it.  Nominations and votes can be cast based solely on your knowledge of the cache from having read the description or logs; however, we enourage you to visit the cache and confirm what you read, if/when possible.

Nominations are usually accepted from the middle of the preceeding month until the start of the target month.   Voting is generally open during the first 2 weeks of the target month.   When voting is enabled you should see a 'Vote' link in front of each nominated cache.

Nominated Caches

GC1JB93Float It! by SuperGoober, Traditional Cache (2/1.5) [COTM: February 2009]
GC1K41QThe Siege! by SuperGoober & Parabola, Traditional Cache (5/5) [COTM: June 2013]
GC1KYXCUnder the Golden Dome by Lego Crew and the Old Capitol Museum Staff, Unknown Cache (3/1.5) [COTM: February 2009]