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My name is Michael Hogle a.k.a. Dodgecardoc and I am from Waterloo, Iowa. I have been an Automotive Technician at Dan Deery Motor Company for the past 29 years. When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time Geocaching, mountain biking, and camping with my girlfriend Sarah (MKL8Y) and daughters Karli (WHCheer) & Jenna (Thinmint!).

My interest in Geocaching began back in 2008 when I first created my username, but it wasn't until September 29, 2010 that the real journey began. I have enjoyed seeing where this has taken me and my family. Whether I am with friends, family or just on my own, I have always finished the day with a smilie! Now that I have experienced many aspects of Geocaching, I am turning to helping the community. I feel that I will be a good returning IGO board member because I will be bringing new insight with the love of the game. I might not have the highest of numbers or the most hides, but I want to see the IGO continue to be a great organization.

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