Discounts @ Honey Creek Resort

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This past weekend, while at the Honey Creek Caching and Splashing II event, a couple different cachers came up to me and asked if it was possible to get a discounted rate for stays at Honey Creek Resort, other than during the geocaching events.  The answer is YES.


I stopped by the resort this afternoon and talked with Andy Woodrick, the Resort’s General Manager.  He told me, that if a geocacher is interested in getting a discounted rate for their next stay at the resort, to send  an e-mail to Andy Woodrick at:,  with the dates you are planning for your next stay & also indicated that you are a member of the Iowa Geocachers or a geocachers..  He will get back with you with a discounted rate.


Andy did mention that it will not be the $69 per day room rates that we are accustomed to.  Although, it did sound like it would still be a great rate.  Keep in mind that this would be for a regular Double Queen room or a regular King room, where the rack rate runs about $ 149- 169 per day.