The IGO Board of Directors needs your input. The BOD relies on committees to draft policies and help administer the daily operation of the group. Committees are staffed by IGO members who are appointed by the Board. If you would like to contribute your voice and participation to the operation of the group please e-mail and let us know which committee you are interested in serving. The IGO Nominations Committee will consider your interest and formally appoint you to the committee if approved.

The mission and roster of each committee is listed below. In general, each committee adheres to the following guidelines:

  1. IGO committees, whether specified in the bylaws or otherwise, shall consist of:
    • One current IGO BOD member.
    • One or more IGO members that may, or may not, be current BOD members.
  2. A committee should have a minimum of four members.
  3. All members of the committee shall be appointed to the committee by the Nominating committee.
  4. The committee shall (per the bylaws) select a committee chair from among its members.
  5. If specified in the bylaws, or otherwise, a current member of the IGO Executive Committee will be assigned to oversee the actions and decisions of the committee.
  6. Committee members should expect to meet (via e-mail, online chat, through designated IGO forums or in-person) on a regular basis and on an as-needed basis if requested by the Board.

Currently we have 4 active member committees:

We ask that you participate in no more than one committee at any time as your undivided attention may be required at times.