Cacher Profile: DTCBears

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DTCBears (Dave C.) is a ‘relatively’ new cacher but already has a wealth of geocaching experience.  I recently had some communication with him but had the wonderful opportunity to meet him in person last weekend at an event.  So I asked him a few questions in an effort to get to know him better and introduce him to our IGO community.

Dave created a geocaching account in late 2011, but his first recorded find was in January 2012.  He was so “hooked” from the get-go that his first goal for 2012 was 2012 finds.  Aggressive? No doubt.  But he easily accomplished that mission with a total of 2093 finds last year.  Wow!!  And, he achieved that while still working (for a little while, at least).  He retired in August 2012 from an Information Technologies position, so it’s no shock he is well versed in using today’s "toys" for this fun and exciting hobby of geocaching.  Dave actually wasn’t introduced to geocaching by someone else.  Within his working career, he heard about it, and of course, investigated.  The rest, as the saying goes…is history.  Armed with a Nuvi and an iPhone, he made his first find in Cedar Falls while visiting family in the area.  A result of this quickly developing passion?  His wife Joyce (Mathmate) and daughters (JJCeurv and TeamCurvy) have also created their own geocaching accounts.  It has become a real “Family Affair”!!  Spouses often are referred to as a 'team', and this husband and wife work well together as a 'dynamic duo'.  Joyce is almost always out there with Dave, braving all those crazy elements.  Dave credits Joyce as being a fantastic navigator as he drives to their next destination, and has the the BEST eyes for finding those elusive pine tree caches!! 

It didn’t take much geo-sense to figure out that Dave is an avid Chicago Bears fan.  But, I verified that by asking how he decided on his caching name.  Let’s see…his initials in conjunction with his favorite sports team?  You bet, and I for one, certainly understand that (ditto for me)!!  Dave likes all kinds of caches, but does have an affinity for earthcaches and puzzles.  Joyce is an educator, so earthcaches are a natural for the learning experiences gleaned from that type of hide.  He is very proud that he recently published his first earthcache, “Rich Iowa Farm Soil” (GC41HGX).  He also likes a good challenge, so the mystery cache icon always attracts his attention.  And speaking of challenges, he has spent a great deal of time recently chasing some of the ‘older, not found in a long time’ caches in the Quad Cities area, and has helped in bringing some of them back to life.

Dave and Joyce love to travel, so geocaching is a natural way to take them to new destinations.  They both thoroughly enjoy the hiking/exercise aspect of this hobby.  Dave mentioned that one of their favorite trips was to Utah where they both set a one day record of 193 caches while grabbing caches on the Seinfeld Trail.  He’s been busy caching since that first one in January 2012 and while there was a mere three day “geo-slump” in May, he has completed the 100 Day Challenge.  This dynamic due also has become a force to be reckoned with in regards to QC area FTF’s.  Someone mentioned to me the other day that it has become quite unusual when DTCBears and Mathmate doesn’t get the FTF!!

In my opinion, Dave has developed into one of those unique gems in our geocaching community.  He’s active, he’s passionate, and he truly believes in helping out when needed.  He has placed quality hides, and has demonstrated a desire to help out other cachers regarding maintenance.  With that mentality, he has adopted a number of caches to keep some of those older, quality hides alive.  DTCBears is a fantastic asset to our community.  As a member of the IGO Board of Directors, please help me say “thank you” to Dave for his contributions and participation in our hobby!!