Hello my name is Bob Koranda and I live in Maquoketa, Iowa.

I Began geocaching in the Fall of 2013 and have been hooked on it since.  I found that I enjoy creating and hiding caches a little bit more than I do finding them and have spent weeks consumed in a "project" cache.  I have met many of the other geocachers in my area and have really enjoyed the events and group effort cache runs. In the past few years as a geocacher I have made some awesome friend through geocaching, including the best cache find ever, my wife (ptcline). 

*****Candidate Speech******

"As a candidate for the board of IGO I promise there will be a new cache in every town and an event in every county."

"Read my lips, no more DNFs!"

"Win or lose, we still go caching after the election."

"This election is about who is going to be the next board members of the IGO"

"We are a state of geocaches... a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky."

"A people free to geocache will always choose to geocache."

"The reports of my DNF have been greatly exaggerated."



I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a member of the board for IGO.  The IGO has promoted geocaching throught our great state and brought Iowa geocachers closer together with fellowship, comeraderie and fun.  We will continue the tradition and hope to make it even better for all.



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This is required information. Please note that this information will NEVER be shared with any 3rd party. The IGO is simply gathering this information to be in compliance with Iowa laws governing formal organizations like ours. We may, at times, use your street address or e-mail address to contact you regarding official IGO business. We NO LONGER require your date-of-birth to verify your age for vote counting purposes, but you must check the box to certify that you are at least age 18 in order to vode. Only members in good standing who are 18 years or older may vote online in IGO elections.
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