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Hi!! My name is Liz McGauvran (aka 24hawki) and I live in Clinton – out on the “east coast” of Iowa.  I have been caching for five+ years now and through geocaching and IGO, have met some of the best people one could ever meet – you!!  Not only is geocaching a fun activity, but the best reward (other than the elusive smiley) are the people that cross your path in this game.  Some of the best friendships I’ve established are the ones I’ve made since 2009 when I started caching.  If we’ve already met, I definitely count you as a friend!!  If we haven’t met yet, then I look forward to the day that we do!!


Those relationships are what led me to running for the IGO Board of Directors in 2012.  My two year term is up, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last 24 months serving not only as a Director, but as your Treasurer of IGO.  I truly believe that IGO has grown and moved in a positive direction recently, and I’d like to see that carry on in the future.  Many good things have happened during my two year tenure on the board and I would like to see this progressive movement continue and also be a part of IGO as it moves into its second decade.


I don’t have to run for re-election at this point, but I want to because IGO has an exciting future ahead!    Thank you for taking the time to allow me to re-introduce myself.  I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming BOD election. 

My amended tagline:

Caching is about the journey, the adventure, and the fun (IowaGeocachers.org)....the smiley is the bonus (the people you meet along the trail)!! 

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